Grand Jury Selection Process Starts This Week In Shooting Death Of James Scurlock

Omaha, NE Grand Jury Selection Process Starts This Week In Shooting Death Of James Scurlock

This week, the courts will be selecting 19 people to serve as members on the grand jury to decide if Jake Gardner should be indicted on charges for the killing of James Scurlock. 16 of the 19 members will be on the grand jury and the other 3 will be alternates. They will be all listening to witness testimony and evidence the county attorney’s office has against Jake Gardner. If indicted, Jake Gardner could face either murder or manslaughter charges for the crime.

 Don Kleine

Scurlock was shot and killed on May 30th by Jake Gardner in the Omaha Old Market during protests. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine took it upon himself to act as a jury and not press charges on Jake Garner. The county attorney does not determine innocence or guilt in our legal system and is expected to press charges when a crime is committed. This was not the case in this situation. Don Kleine said, “It is a senseless death, a loss of a young man’s life, it shouldn’t have happened,” he said. “We know that emotions are running very high…this decision may not be popular and may cause more people to be upset. I would hope that they understand that we’re doing our job to the best of our ability and looking at the evidence and the law. And that’s all we can do.”


Within the 36 days of protest organized by African American community leader Ja Keen Fox outside of Don Kleine’s house. Don Kleine announced that he would allow a grand jury decide Jake Gardner’s fate. This decision still did not stop the protests outside of Don Kleine’s house because they wanted him to be indicted as soon as possible.

 Special Prosecutor

Special Prosecutor Frederick Franklin will present evidence to the grand jury panel. The grand jury will review the case decide on what should happen to Jake Gardner. They could indict Gardner or decide to not press charges. This week we will find out what happens next.

 District 2 Omaha City Councilman Ben Gray

Omaha city councilman of district 2 Ben Gray, the lone African American on the council, does not believe charges should be filed against Jake Garner. As an elected official for the African American community, Ben gray should be speaking with all other elected officials to ensure charges are pressed. Instead he has not been vocal at all about this situation and further proved that Ben Gray has his own motives instead of the community he represents.

Vote For David Mitchell City Council District 2 

Future city council candidate David Mitchell believes that charges should be filed against Jake Garner as soon as possible! Mitchell believes that this situation is a case of murder and all African American elected officials should be outraged by this. Our current city council member is not doing enough to ensure the safety of African American’s in the community. This shows other white supremacists that you could kill a black man or women and not have to deal with the scrutiny of the African American elected officials. We need powerful and unapologetic speakers to represent district 2 (North Omaha) and not someone who doesn’t do the will of their constituents.


It is Time For a Change! It is Time To Grow North Omaha!

Click here to donate & Support David Mitchell for City Council District 2 in Omaha.



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